Hiraoka Machiya

2,300 万円 including dismantling
For Sale


Classic 100-year old kominka for dismantling & relocation 

Large farmhouse kominka for sale and relocation, currently in Fuiki. 

This substantial kominka has beautiful timberwork, including Sugi, Hinoki and Akamatsu, with huge beams and columns.

Heritage Homes offers a complete dismantling, renovation, relocation and re-building service. Let our Miyadaiku carpenters transform this traditional farmhouse into your own piece of Japanese heritage at a location of your choosing.

Work with our architect and designer to create the perfect family residence and create a truly unique property.


Size: 240sqm plus loft space

Building Structure: Timber

Year of construction: Unknown, estimated between 1890 and 1910

Contact nils.wetterlind@heritagehomesjapan.co.jp

WhatsApp +81 70 4307 6560

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