Suwama Machiya

2,600 万円 including dismantling
For Sale


Beautiful large Kominka with intricate roof structure and rare woods for sale and relocation.

Built just after WWII and using the absolute finest hardwoods, this large kominka is ready to be dismantled by our expert team, relocated to your land, and re-built. 

The kominka has been built on strong foundations and we expect very little renovation work needed for the strycture and roof, and much of the lovely hardwood flooring can also be re-used.

Together with our in-house architect and designer, as well as our hugely experienced team of master carpenters, we will relocate this wonderful property to almost anywhere in Japan, and re-build it to include all modern necessities such as passive house standard insulation, triple glazing, underfloor heating, modern kitchens and bathrooms, all to your exact specifications.


Size: 289 sqm plus loftspace 

Building Structure: Timber

Year of construction: prox 1946


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